Elder Recommendation to Purchase Building

The elders met Monday evening (10/29/18) and voted unanimously to recommend to the congregation that we purchase 908 Westover Terrace.  When we began this journey we said that in order to purchase the property God would need to open many doors:

– providing a new tenant to take over our lease on our current property
– providing a bank who was willing to loan us money
– raising seed money by mid-December, and additional pledges toward a 3-year campaign (2019-2021)
– limiting our total upfit cost for HVAC, roofing, stage renovations, painting and various other things to approximately $300k
– most importantly, making sure that the overwhelming majority of our folks believe with us that this move will further our vision of bringing spiritual, social and cultural renewal to our city and beyond.

Amazingly, God has opened all of these doors and more.

He has provided another church plant to take over our lease on February 1st, and thanks to you we have raised $482,598 in seed money and have received $453,000 in pledges toward the 3-year campaign, with many of you indicating that you plan to make pledges in early 2019.  So, it is with great joy and thanksgiving that we bring this motion to you for a vote this Sunday immediately following our worship service.

If you vote “yes” to our motion, we will close on the Westover property on December 20th.  We are anticipating that upfit will take approximately one month.  Therefore, we will plan to hold our first worship service in the new building on February 3rd, 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or one of the elders.

Todd Jones, on behalf of the session:
Jim Osborne, Scott North,
Bret Grieves, Michael Van Patter,
Daniel Northrup, Brent York,
David Lin and Kevin Hanner

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It is our hope that we will pay off the note on our new facility and be debt free in three years. We presently have $457,000 pledged toward our $990,000 goal. Would you consider making a pledge today?